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Namespaces provide users with the exclusive capability to publish contracts under their designated namespaces, similar to GitHub's user and organization model.

This feature is currently a work in progress (WIP). To learn more about namespaces, please checkout

Package Path

A package path is a unique identifier for each package/realm. It specifies the location of the package source code which helps differentiate it from others. You can use a package path to:

  • Call a specific function from a package/realm. (e.g using gnokey maketx call)
  • Import it in other packages/realms.

Here's a breakdown of the structure of a package path:

  • Domain: The domain of the blockchain where the package is deployed. Currently, only is supported.
  • Type: Defines the type of package.
  • Namespace: A namespace can be included after the type (e.g., user or organization name). Namespaces are a way to group related packages or realms, but currently ownership cannot be claimed. (see Issue #1107 for more info)
  • Remaining Path: The remaining part of the path.
    • Can only contain alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers) and underscores.
    • No special characters allowed (except underscore).
    • Cannot consist solely of underscores. It must have at least one allowed alphanumeric character.
    • Cannot start with a number. It should begin with a letter.
    • Cannot end with a trailing slash (/).


  • This signifies a package named avl within the demo namespace.
  • This signifies a realm named home within the gnoland namespace.